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We here at Son of A John believe in growing our peppers ALL-NATURAL and free of preservatives! Our sauce can be sweet, spicy, smoky or all 3 flavors in one! Whatever flavor you choose to go for, just know your taste buds are in for a guaranteed good time. Enjoy!

Chef CHUBBY GIVES 10/10!!!

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Chef Jonathan Scinto!!!

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@the_johnnyscoville of chase the heat


Bree Rek of @chilimarketplace


These are really good. The Ant Bite and Smokin Ghost are two of my top faves. @sonofajohnsauce knows what he's doing.

Leah - These hot sauces are the best and packed with so much flavor! Light my Fire is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! By far, my all time favorite! ❤

@spicesofthesun - Trinbago cooking 🇹🇹 stew beef with rice and peas. In a typical west Indian home every single meal that was set on the table, next to that food had a bottle of hot sauce, but as people from Trinidad and Tobago would say #peppersauce🌶 so tonight I geared up and I put all of these on different parts of my food @jerseybarnfire @sonofajohnsauce that ant bite is sneeeaky, the flavors of all of them are so good, thank you. It was sooooooo good!!!

@tealeviathan - "Hey man, wanted to let you know I think Smoking Ghost is my favorite hot sauce of the year. Hardly a day goes by when I don't use it..." 


They’re all so good 🔥♥️🤟

Bubba- Love all of them ant bite is hotttt but truly the best hot sauce I’ve had

Cassidy ·Light my fire has the best flavor !!! Love this hot sauce




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