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I have designed these sauces to be HOT, but most importantly, to TASTE GOOD! I have made the best tasting, most edible hot sauces that money can buy. All of my sauces have heat AND are something that you actually crave to put on your food.


Son Of A John was an unexpected arrival that began life as a long term project to grow Japanese Maple trees. I also started growing a garden in the back yard - because homegrown vegetables are undisputedly the best!  With dreams of bountiful harvests, I planted my garden…and along with the tomatoes, carrots, and everything else, I planted WAY too many peppers. My veggies needed to drink and I gave them rainwater. They needed to eat too, and I became a worm farmer so they had good organic fertilizer. They thrived and produced – a LOT.  What to do with all those peppers? HOT SAUCE!!! I went into the kitchen and developed my first hot sauce recipe, Light My Fire…and it was good! Very good! Thus, Son Of A John was born – the best tasting (HOT) hot sauces in the South!

Being a good cook and liking to share, I began giving bottles to friends and family.  I got rave reviews from everyone on my first sauce and went back to the kitchen to create the next two even hotter sauces, Smokin’ Ghost and Ant Bite – both of which turned out just as tasty as the first…full of flavor and just as fantastic, if not BETTER!

People were trying to give me money for bottles to take to their friends and family, and more than one person told me I should start selling them because they really are THAT good! At this stage, I realize I have a knack for what I am doing. I have sold individual bottles and 3 bottle sets, which are a big time hit!  Everyone loves them!  Now, people are buying cases instead of bottles.  There is Son Of A John hot sauce everywhere!!


What I Make

Light My Fire - Made with habañero peppers and a unique blend of spices, this sauce is hot, sweet and smoky. Perfect for wings, pork, and just about any meat where you want to kick things up a notch! Goes great on a ton of other stuff too, so use your imaginations and your taste buds!

Smokin' Ghost - NOT for lightweights when it comes to hot sauces! This perfect blend of habañero and ghost peppers is rich and smooth with a big bite! The roasted vegetables in this one makes it truly awesome on tacos, wings, and loads of other stuff!

Ant Bite - This is a heavyweight in the hot sauce world, so unless you like truly HOT stuff, stick to Light My Fire or go get something off the shelf, but if you are adventurous and like spicy stuff, give it a try! There is a lot of spice, but a lot of sweet too, thanks to fresh Red Delicious Apples. This sauce goes with a lot if you like it HOT. Try on Asian foods, salads, meat, and even eggs - you might be surprised by how good REALLY HOT can be!


My Commitment To YOU

I am a big believer in the idea that if you are going to do something, do it well - don’t skimp on quality.  Being good and kind to your customers has a way of coming back to you.  Hard work is said to be its own reward, but people who work hard tend to succeed.  And lastly, offer people a superior product for a fair price, and it will sell itself.  I am extremely proud of what I make, and I sign my name and put my phone number on every bottle that goes out my door. My sauces are really, really good, I sell them at a fair price, and I appreciate all my customers.  If that weren’t enough, I seriously do love what I do, and if that doesn’t count as success, I don’t know what does.



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