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This is a heavyweight in the hot sauce world, so unless you like truly HOT stuff, stick to Light My Fire or go get something off the shelf, but if you are adventurous and like spicy stuff, give it a try! There is a lot of spice, but a lot of sweet too, thanks to fresh Red Delicious Apples. This sauce goes with a lot if you like it HOT. Try on Asian foods, salads, meat, and even eggs - you might be surprised by how good REALLY HOT can be!


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IVeg Manchurian with Steamed Rice
A super delicious indo-chinese dish that will cater all your snack cravings and leave you wanting for more!
For the ultimate vegetable manchurian, I toss crispy vegetable dumplings in a hot Indo-Chinese gravy. It’s fiery, loaded with flavour.
Presenting you one more amazing hot sauce from
@SonofaJohnsauce i.e. Ant Bite hot sauce. I used this hot sauce in Manchurian gravy.
Their motto is "Good Friends Make Good Sauces & Good Sauces Make Good Friends"
This sauce is both sweet and spicy. It has a sweetness of red delicious apples and honey but it packs a serious punch with the ghost and habanero peppers. This sauce goes well with just anything if you like it hot. It's quite hot but good all around sauce.
It has no chemicals or preservatives.
They've designed these sauces to be HOT, but most importantly, to TASTE GOOD! 
Brand: SonofaJohnsauce
Product: Ant bite
Quantity: 6 Oz
Where to buy:
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Johnny Scoville and Bree Rek - double review debut!!
They LOVE the Ant Bite!!!
Aug 9, 2020

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Today we’re kicking off a new series of sauces with a bottle of Ant Bite from our friends over at @sonofajohnsauce based in #Tallassee, Alabama.
A few weeks back, I went on a hike with some friends, and the person that was leading us decided to take us off the path because it was going to be faster (🙄). After 10 minutes of this, we decided to push through some brush thinking we would end up where we expected, but instead were surrounded by thorn bushes and quickly learned that we were stepping on the homes of some otherwise-friendly fire ants. Initially the bites weren’t so bad, but within minutes, our party jumped a thorn bush and then proceeded to all jump in the water to put out the fire on our legs.
This sauce, just like those sneaky devils 😈, starts slow and then all of the sudden your tongue is jumping into a glass of water to put out the fire.

🔥FLAVOR: 4.4/5 - This guy starts so innocently with a nice balance of sweet and heat. A flavor I haven’t experienced with hot sauces before, there are fresh Red Delicious apples in this that give it a nice balance with the peppers. Would recommend it in things like salsa or guac, or on wings or pork.
🔥HEAT: 4.1/5 - When you start with the ant bite, the initial heat provides a good warning of what’s to come. Key heat drivers are #habanero and #ghostpepper.
🔥AFTER BURN: 4.6/5 - Once bitten, this sauce doesn’t let go. Heat intensifies moments after you try it, and sticks with you for the next several minutes.
🔥BOTTLE LABEL: The name on this one couldn’t be more fitting, and the ant on the bottle reminds me of my hike from the other day.


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@sonofajohnsauce Ant Bite. The apples are very prevalent in the sauce and I loved the flavor. The ghost pepper bring the bite. It pared perfect with the dish. —————————— #sonofajohon #spicy #foodie #foodporn #jerkey #antbite #hotsaucelover #hot #chili #spicyfood #hotsauceaddict #hotpeppers #chilli #hotsauceoneverything #hotsaucereview #pepper #wingsauce #Smokedmeats #homemade #hotones #chillisauce #salsa #ghostpepper #chickenwings #BBQ #hotsauceinmybag #hotsaucelife #smallbatch #🌶 #grilling

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Wowwwww 😍🤩🥳 @sonofajohnsauce !!! I friggin love this sauce!!!🥰🔥❤️🌶👌

Very fruit forward and I got that before I even read the back! Tasty, good pour and heat level for me was scalp sweating LOL but really tho.. a good 6-7 for me😍😍😍 Thanks so much and Ant Bite is going to be a regular of mine as long as you keep making it! ☺️ Awesome job 🙏🏻👌🥰🥳


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@sonofajohnsauce Ant Bite

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Ghost peppers and Habanero peppers go into this one along with red delicious apples, apple cider vinegar, Chinese black vinegar, honey and garlic. This sauce is truly the sum of its ingredients, they all shine and come together for an amazing flavor. The apple flavor is immediate and the vinegar punches through with the peppers coming on and bringing the heat. I would like a tiny bit more salt, but I'm a salt guy and not a hot sauce maker. It has a rusty red color and pours thin with some chunks. I find myself scooping up every last drop on the plate. I took the first taste straight off my spoon and put this on my breakfast eggs and Swiss cheese. The sweetness works and wakes me up as the heat comes with a sting that sits on the lips and tongue for a good bit after finishing the meal. I really enjoy this linger afterwards. Thank you @sonofajohnsauce for sharing your creation, you have a great product and you clearly know how to work with these flavors.

Heat 6.5/10.

Flavor 9/10.

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Review #48⠀

Name: @sonofajohnsauce Ant Bite⠀

Tara’s Scale of Spicy:8 out of 10⠀

Tara’s Taste Rating: 10 out of 10⠀

Would I Buy Again: YES⠀

Food Pairings: TJs Ham, Caramelized Onion and Gruyere Tarte, Breakfast Burritos, Pork Belly, Teriyaki Burger⠀

Where to Buy:

Thoughts: This is my new favorite sauce and it will always be in my fridge. For those of you who are familiar with my reviews, know I love sweet and spicy. This is both sweet and spicy. You get sweetness from the Red Delicious Apples and honey but it packs a serious punch with the Ghost Peppers and Habaneros. I love everything about this sauce. The ingredients have a lot going on but all good stuff and none of the junk. Please check this company out, you’re seriously missing out if you don’t!


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8.8/10 Review: @sonofajohnsauce Ant Bite has some very sweet cider and honey notes up front immediately followed by the ghost pepper taste and a medium to hot burn that lingers for about five min. Has a slight zesty flavor along with some bold garlic. Overall such a delicious sauce and one of my new favorites. Thank you so much, highly recommend giving this sauce a try,

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Son of a Johns Ant bite:
Light sweet at the very start. The apple cider and honey pair well. But followed quickly by a kick of heat from the habanero and ghost peppers. Very good mouth burn. Good all around sauce. 7.5 out 10
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