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Johnny Scoville and Bree Rek of The Chili Marketplace
Light My Fire & Smokin' Ghost
Johnny Scoville and Bree Rek - double review debut!!
They LOVE the Ant Bite!!!

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Dr. Hawt loves when people ask for reviews!
I absolutely love adding hot sauces to my collection!

@sonofajohnsauce your sauces were phenomenal! Full of flavor I could tell that you really put your time and energy and love into your sauses! I tried all of them by themselves on a spoon just so I could really get into the essence of your artistic sauces. The first one I tried was ant bite delicious right off the bat! the next one I had was light my fire and I was like wow this guy's got so much body in this bottle of hot sauce!!! it's ridiculous it was it was amazing! Holy PEACH!!!!The final sauce I tried was smoking ghost and I tried that last cuz it just look like it was a creeper you know. That it was going to be really good. I would assumed before trying it. That it was going to be the hottest one of all of them! I would use light my fire and ant bite on some fried wings or some pork chops any day of the week!!!! It had such a wonderful aroma off the bat. Trying it on the spoon was like wow!! The first thought was the roasted vegetables!!! Then the flavors all kicked in. Tomatoes red onions and then I noticed something else I couldn't put my finger on until I looked at the bottle. Carrots!!! I've never had a hot sauce that had carrots in it!
Hands down smoking ghost was the best for me. I sat down at the table and I poured the smokin ghost all over my meatloaf and devoured it.
@sonofajohnsauce you asking for a review was the best thing I did all week. Thank you for the opportunity to purchase your product they were tasty and amazingly goooooooood!!! some people really think that a hot sauces has to burn your mouth and your ass. Don't get me wrong I love challenges. But what is hard, is to make a great flavorful full body sauce that you can really enjoy on your food! John you fn did it homie☮️✌️🌶️🥵🤤🤤🤤 @Gouverneur, New York
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